The United States is being touted as the destination for the 2024 UEFA Champions League (UCL) final following reports which hint that UEFA is keen to take the competition to new destinations.

As reported by the Morning Consult, the governing body for European soccer is targeting the New York market for the match, specifically New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium, with TEAM Marketing AG, a Swiss agency that represents the commercial global interests of the organization’s club competitions, having already informed the relevant stakeholders.

Should the reports materialize then it would mark the first time that the competition will be featured outside of Europe, an idea which was originally mooted In 2016 by UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin.

At the time, Ceferin stated: “I think it might be an idea in future but we have to speak about it. To go from Portugal to Azerbaijan for example is almost the same or the same as if you go to New York. For the fans it’s no problem but we should see. It’s a European competition so let’s think about it. 

“The bidding process should be very clear because if you get the Champions League finals or Europa league finals as a political favor then it’s not OK. With a clear bidding procedure I will protect also the administration and myself because whoever tries to call us, to push us, to ask us for such a favor we will have a clear answer, ‘Sorry there are clear rules we cannot do it.’ 

“From a financial point of view it’s not ideal. We should think also about other markets, but how to do it exactly, I’m not sure yet. China is financially interesting and the US is not just financially interesting, but football is growing there.” 

As well as a potential host for the 2024 UCL final, the US has also been eyed up as a potential hosting ground by other European soccer competitions, with La Liga recently attempting to organize an official league game in Miami for a second time.

The game which was being touted by La Liga for an overseas kick off would have seen Villareal take on Atletico Madrid on 8 December, in spite of no official confirmation of the league making its US debut yet, an official request was submitted last month. 

Details surrounding the potential 2024 move are yet to be released, however, UEFA has already announced that St Petersburg, Munich and London will be hosting the UCL final in 2021, 2022 and 2023 respectively. 

UEFA is yet to provide an official response to the reports.