The Oregon Lottery will give punters the chance to wager on a range of sports after launching its new online sports betting app, Scoreboard. The app, which will be made available across both mobile and desktop, will allow its users to wager bets on numerous professional sports from football and basketball to rugby and NASCAR. 

Chuck Baumann, senior public affairs officer for Oregon Lottery, has also confirmed that users don’t need to be Oregon residents to use the app.

“Scoreboard acts just exactly like a sports book that you would find in Las Vegas,” Baumann told

Users will be able to create a wagering online account where they will place bets and collect winnings. The service will be geo-fenced only to Oregon, meaning it can only be played by people within the state, with developers also confirming that the app will not be made accessible on tribal lands. 

However, according to Baumann, users do not need to be residents of the state in order to use the app.

“It’s the first time that the lottery has offered a game that people can purchase online, our first e-lottery type offering,” he said.  “That is very different than anything the lottery has ever offered.”

Users will be able to wager a maximum of $250,000 using the game, with the option to establish wagering and loss limits. 

“With all of our other games, it’s anonymous play. But, with Scoreboard, you’re going to go in and establish an account with your name and all those sorts of things,” Baumann said. “With that, we have the ability, as the player does, to monitor, what you’re winning and what you’re losing.

“If there’s a level the player has reached that’s above what they’ve set, we have the ability to email and contact them and say, ‘Do you understand that you’re at your limit?’”