Better Collective, a developer of digital platforms for bookmaker information, igaming communities, and betting tips, has given its flagship product,, a makeover. The site, home to a community of sports betting tipsters, is now built on a state-of-the-art back-end structure, which allows the company to roll out across US states as they legalize online sports betting legal. 

According to the firm, following extensive work and interactions with tipsters from around the world, the front-end user experience has been upgraded to meet the requirements and wishes from these experienced users.

CEO Jesper Søgaard said: “Bettingexpert is a strategically important brand product for Better Collective, especially in terms of our partner relations and market penetration. The tipster community already holds a strong position in key European markets and with more and more states in the US opening up for online sports betting, building a new and improved version of our flagship product to meet the demands in the market has been a strong focus area for us. 

“The improved technical setup now makes us able to effectively scale Bettingexpert across individual states which sets us in a strong position to grow our business in the market alongside our newly acquired US brands.”

To meet the demands of the global tipster community, the interface of the new has been based on focus group sessions, interviews and field studies. Since July 2018, the site has been accessible in a beta version to pre-test the new setup, and data from the use of this version has also been utilized to build a better platform.

The new structure of allows for it to easily scale into the US market as individual states begin to make online gambling legal. The content of the US-facing site has been upgraded, adding new sections on US sports, as well as educational material on the country’s betting market, to serve the American audience. 

The technical setup allows Better Collective to differentiate the US market on a state-by-state basis to meet the demands of the tipsters in individual states – for instance when it comes to sports and league preferences.

Shane Anderson, Senior Director, Content & Brand, said: “The new is second to none. From a technical standpoint, the microservice infrastructure, which is powered by our innovative APIs, will allow for us to rapidly scale and adapt our products. 

“Also, the structure allows us to easily expand into new markets, such as individual states in the US, and integrate any new products. Most importantly, our tipsters will benefit from a much more pleasant user journey and more personalized content. They’ve shown their loyalty for so many years, and it is natural that we take steps to give them a cooler platform to play with.”