Italian gambling firm Newgioco Group, Inc. has disclosed new plans to expand into the US sports betting market, following last year’s strikedown of a long-standing ban on sports betting. 

The operator has set its sights on the US market with plans to explore the opportunities of the new markets. The betting technology group has marked its plans for expansion as a timely decision, with plans to facilitate the expansion through participation in competitive tenders. 

Commenting on their expansion plans, Newgioco CEO and Director Michele Ciavarella explained that establishing a standard set of rules across the US will be ‘a marathon and not a sprint’, and hopes that while it may take a few years for Newgioco to establish itself in the US market, “it will surely become one of the leaders.”

Ahead of its expansion, Newgioco also confirmed that it has plans in place to develop and publish a US-focused demo betting app which is expected to go live soon through Newgioco’s partnerships in Montana.

Earlier in the year, the gambling group penned a new partnership with Chippewa Cree Tribe in Box Elder, Montana. Under the terms of the new agreement, the tribe will utilise Newgioco’s ELYS proprietary sports betting platform at its Northern Winz Casino.

The casino’s General Manager Raymond Parker confirmed that it had chosen Newgioco as its betting platform provider.