Sportech Venues, a subsidiary of Sportech, has confirmed that legislation signed off in the Connecticut State Budget will help strengthen the operator’s exclusive license to conduct off-track parimutuel betting in the State of Connecticut.

The budget, given the green light by Governor Lamont, will legally prevent Connecticut punters from placing bets with unlicensed operators, due to come into effect from 1 October 2019. 

Ted Taylor, President of Sportech Venues, Inc., said, “Sportech have invested heavily in our Connecticut business on the basis of our exclusive license to offer off-track betting there. 

“We are pleased that the State of Connecticut recognized Sportech’s exclusive license with this legislation to close a loophole that deprived Sportech of legitimate revenues but also, by virtue of uncollected pari-mutuel taxes, deprived the State of Connecticut of tax proceeds. 

“This was a good result for both Sportech and for the people of the State of Connecticut.”

As it stands, Sportech Venues currently holds an exclusive license to deliver off-track betting services across the state of Connecticut, which is delivered via its 15 venues and online betting services.