With nearly a decade of experience and understanding of sports betting under its belt, DataArt is looking to make its mark on the nascent US sports wagering sector.

Could you tell us more about DataArt, the services it offers and who would be its typical clientele?

DataArt is a global, full service consultancy which designs, develops, delivers, and supports unique software solutions, helping clients achieve their operational, business, and technological goals. Recognized for their deep domain expertise and superior technical talent, our teams focus on digital transformation by building sophisticated technical solutions, modernizing complex legacy systems, and ensuring successful program delivery and ongoing support.

The company has earned the trust of some of the world’s leading brands and innovative clients such as Nasdaq, Betfair, Univision, Meetup, and Artnet among others. It has the ability to rapidly engage with clients and scale project teams due to their size, industry expertise, and flexible engagement models. Combining the expertise of over 2,900 professionals across 22 locations in the US, Europe, and Latin America, DataArt is uniquely positioned to assemble qualified teams for client engagements.

What is DataArt’s interest in sports betting, particularly from a US perspective?

We have been involved in sports betting for the better of a decade working with such high profile clients as Betfair. Once PASPA was repealed and the US market opened up, DataArt made a strategic decision to pursue opportunities in this space leveraging its deep domain and technical experience to gain a competitive advantage. Building on tremendous accomplishments, industry knowledge, and strong relationships with key players, DataArt is well positioned to make a significant impact in the sports betting market.

What innovation and new technology ideas can DataArt bring to the sports betting sector?

We bring over a decade of domain knowledge, product development, integration, and data analytics expertise in the gambling industry to the US sports betting market. Since DataArt is not a product company, we focus on what is most vital for our clients. A small sample of some of the innovative accomplishments include:

  • Betting platform build vs buy analysis
  • Developed multiple custom sports betting platforms
  • White label solutions that have been used by some of the biggest companies in the industry
  • UX design for website and mobile
  • Live video streaming solutions
  • Infrastructure design focused on flexibility and scalability
  • Integration with industry leading data providers (odd and stats real time feeds)
  • Security auditing and vulnerability mitigation
  • Risk management