Online gambling in Tennessee could soon become a reality after House Bill 1, presented to the state’s House of Representatives, has advanced.

The bill had previously reached a deadlock after neither side of the House could come to an agreement on the content of the legislation. The bill has undergone a number of changes since its initial approval, however.

The most recent amendments have called for a required five per cent of privilege tax collected from gambling-related activities to be used in the fight of gambling addiction and treatment in the State Department of Health and Substance Abuse.

Meanwhile an amendment, submitted by Rep. Bob Ramsey, has called for there to be restrictive measures on people who could be involved in gambling practices. The restrictions will intend to apply to team owners, coaches, and athletes in sporting activities from engaging in gambling vices.

The restrictions are also set to encompass people with influence on gambling outcomes and those running sporting operations in a bid to minimise the potential for gambling-related corruption.

The bill has received some objections from representatives, including Chris Todd of R-Humboldt and David Hawk, R-Greenville, who have cited reasons pertaining to problem gambling.  

HB1 is set to be passed to the House Government Operations Committee where it will undergo analysis and deliberation. The presentation to the committee will be a step closer to having the Bill drafted into law. The Senate will discuss the Senate version of the gambling bill in the Senate State and Local Government Committee.