Sports fans in Rhode Island will be able to place wagers using their mobile devices in future rather than physically attend the sportsbooks at Twin River Casinos in Lincoln and Tiverton. News of the move to mobile, while not unexpected, broke this week as Governor Gina Raimondo signed off the necessary paperwork to get it through the state’s General Assembly.

Rhode Island policy makers, including Raimondo, will be hoping that the decision to allow mobile sports betting will be as good for state coffers as it is for bettors. The projected value of sports betting to the local economy is circa $30m, $3m of which will likely be generated by new wagering on mobile.

Senate President Dominick Ruggerio, introducing the bill to the house, said: “Expanding to mobile gaming would provide a convenient option for those wishing to enjoy this form of entertainment, and open up the economic benefits beyond the walls of Twin River. I can envision a group of friends from out of state spending an evening out in a local establishment where they can both watch the game and place a wager.”

A date has yet to be established for mobile betting to go live, but the general consensus of opinion is that an app will be prepared in time for November. What does remain a concern however, is the 51 per cent rate of tax on revenue from gaming both by terrestrial and mobile means.