Online bookmaker PointsBet, in a move that has surprised the US betting establishment, has frozen Super Bowl 54 odds for the Cleveland Browns in the wake of the recent trade for Giants wide receiver, Odell Beckham Jr.

The Browns, who have also agreed to sign defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson and Linebacker Olivier Vernon, as well as star quarterback Baker Mayfield in last year’s draft, are now being looked at as a more serious contender for the upcoming NFL season. But PointsBet appears to disagree.

“We’ve already seen a massive overreaction to this trade,” said the firm’s US CEO Johnny Aitken. “We believe 2020 will be yet another Super Bowl-less season for the Browns, and that’s why we’re confident enough to issue an odds freeze at 30-1, despite most sportsbooks moving the odds to around 16-1.”

The trade sent ripples across the US, with nearly every sportsbook in Nevada and New Jersey drastically adjusting their Super Bowl odds on the Browns. The company said it has proven numerous times that it won’t be swayed by the overreactions of its competitors. “PointsBet will continue to take a position on futures markets with the Browns now 10 times our worst result,” Aitken confirmed. “We are a bookmaker and we are here to take bets.”