The Rhode Island Republican Party (Rhode Island GOP) is set to consider filing a legal case against the proposal to expand sports betting, citing contraventions of the state’s constitution.

As part of a statement issued by the party, Party Chairman Brandon Bell emphasised that the state must seek the approval from voters in Rhode Island before the bill can be integrated into state law. Bell stated that the party is ““actively looking at a lawsuit” before approving the bill.

Democratic Senate President Dominick Ruggerio has responded to the threat issued by Rhode Island GOP, saying that he is surprised, given that Bell has previously expressed his support of lower taxes and greater individual liberties.

Rhode Island’s Senate approved Ruggerio’s bill last month which enables customers to access the sports betting offerings at Twin Rivers Casino from anywhere across Rhode Island via a mobile application.

A condition of the bill is that punters must be within the confines of the state, which will be monitored using geo-location technology to determine a person’s location when placing a wager.

At this time, the House is also considering a similar proposal to question the legalities.