Gaming Nation Inc has announced the launch of a new brand identity that represents, it claims, a significant step in the evolution of the company. Said the firm: “The new name, Ascend FS, reflects the success of the fast-growing software technology company and its increasingly prominent position within the sports and entertainment gaming sector. Ascend FS continues to be the industry leader in providing games of chance, including raffles and sports betting systems, to clients across North America and Europe.”

Daniel Lewis, CEO of the newly branded company, commented: “As the market leader in the games of chance, Ascend FS is at the center of the rapidly developing sports betting landscape in the US and across the globe. As always, we are committed to providing our clients with turnkey solutions for their charitable fundraising, sports betting, and data management needs.”

He added: “50/50 raffles have shifted from being only an in-venue raffle solution to include online gaming lottery with jackpots of over $1m. On November 27, 2018, the Vancouver Canucks’ 50/50 raffle set a new sports world record by raising $1.4m. Ascend worked in partnership with the Canucks to guarantee a minimum prize for the winner, while also raising money for the Canucks for Kids charity network.

“During that one single event, over 60,000 tickets were sold online and in-venue. Not only was this a terrific fan experience on behalf of our client, but it was an opportunity to showcase our Ascend.DMS platform, which is one of the best fundraising and commercial sponsorship tools in British Columbia. Heading into 2019, we believe Ascend FS is well positioned to continue its success.”

The company offers a suite of services to its clients, including Ascend.5050, a digital fundraising platform that allows clients to operate digital 50/50 raffles both in-venue and on-line. BD Sport, meanwhile is an in-stadium sports wagering company, specializing in bookmaking, operations, brand activation, sponsorship solicitation, and integration.

The brand works closely with hundreds of clients across North America and Europe, including iconic rights holders like the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, MLS, CHL, NLL, CFL and NCAA, as well as marquee NASCAR events, PGA tournaments and charitable organizations. Additionally, Ascend is a partner to 30 Soccer Clubs including English Premier League teams such as Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool.