Phoenix, Arizona-based Emailage has confirmed that it will make its debut at ICE London in the New Year. The fraud prevention specialist said it was ready to deliver a ‘game changer’ solution to the iGaming market at ExCeL from February 5 to 7 2019.

Chris Thomas, General Manager at the corporation stated: “We’ve always known that Emailage is a great fit for the online gambling vertical and with fraud being one of the main issues in the online gaming space, we feel that ICE London represents the best place to start and show what we can do. The team has been aware of ICE and we always knew that we would start attending as exhibitors when the time was right. Now with a big focus in the gaming vertical, this is a naturally great place for us to start.”

Founded in 2012, the Phoenix firm builds a multi-dimensional profile associated with a customer’s email address and renders a predictive risk score through key partnerships, proprietary data and machine learning technology.

“With your email address being your only global digital identifier, Emailage offers a simple and easy way of separating fraudsters from genuine customers, without impacting conversion rate or user experience,” noted Thomas. “Many operators are still using manual processes or are not doing much in the way of verification until the player deposits or requests a withdrawal which can be too late. Our company provides a truly unique proposition which can help fight fraud at the first point of contact with the player and without impacting conversion rate or user experience.

“With Emailage you are able to find out if the player is genuine or not before you even provide them with an account or before you start using other complex, slow and costly verification methods. To our knowledge there is no one else in the industry doing this in the same way as us, and we believe we have something that is truly unique which is going to help gaming clients immensely in the fight against fraud.”

The widespread impact of fraud to gaming, ecommerce and technology industries is reflected in the company’s international reach via its offices in North America, Asia-Pacific, South America and the UK. Commenting on the solution’s ability to be simply integrated to platforms anywhere in the world, Thomas added: “Emailage has a network of data and patent protected technology that no one else can match. With one single API you have access to our global network and full access to all the features. As first time exhibitors at ICE London, we are really looking forward to bringing something unique to the online gambling space. Something that no one else is doing and something that we think will be a game changer in the gambling space when it comes to fighting fraud.”