Developing human talent is integral to the future of the land-based casino industry, and gaming generations generally, states Kym Sleezer, president of the Tripple Ripple Group, ahead of next months Juegos Miami conference.

Set to appear as one of 48 speakers at the event, Sleezer commented: “Developing talent is the biggest chance for all operators to stay in business. Technology by itself does not solve all issues, it is only useful for those who can use it.

“As an industry, we need to focus on developing and growing talent. It is the human element which identifies chances in real time before integrating technology.

“Companies need to allow disruptive thinking in the process to achieve efficiency, optimisation and innovation, and understand that the biggest opportunities lie with those who are constantly experiencing it and even more directly, with their personnel.”  

The pan Latin American and Caribbean gaming event is set to take place at the Biltmore Hotel, Miami, from May 30 – June 1, and of the current stage of technology that the industry current finds itself, Sleezer added:  “We are experiencing an unprecedented technological era. Exponential technologies will have a direct impact on the four axes of the business: revenue, costs, customers and personnel.

“They will optimise innovation, business intelligence, customer knowledge and also the business and management automisation. On top of that, they will boost those technology-based businesses with a continued incorporation and focus on sustained renovation.

“This opportunity to share space at a bespoke event for the industry is a win-win collaborative achievement.

“The common interest at Juegos Miami is to optimise the impact and knowledge of expectations, and the goal is to achieve engagement, dialogue and transparency for the sake of common objectives.

“It also offers the casino sector the chance to talk about new technologies and trends, and with all the topics covered, it creates a mechanism to deliver and analyse the industry’s health.”