Brazilian legends unite in Maracana for Loterj launch

Four Brazilian football stars from yesteryear gathered at the national Maracana Stadium for lottery and gambling firm Loterj’s new product launch.

Zico, Edmundo, Tulio and Romerito were present as Loterj unveiled Rio Raspa – a new product consisting of a series of instant lotteries that will distribute R$100,000 (£21,000) in cash, as well as cars and millions more in prizes.

The President of Loterj, Sergio Ricardo Almeida, said of the launch: “It was a bold project. It is not simple to put together stars in the same product. But we did it. This shows the strength of Loterj. We are taking faith that it will sell a lot to Raspa Rio Super Craques. We need to, because part of the profit is dedicated to the social. From 80 years of Loterj, this is a moment that marks its history.”

The social aspect of the new product was highlighted by all the stars, including Edmundo: “It has the face of the people of Rio de Janeiro, each one that identifies with his club and can to put the hope of better days there, and the guy who plays is also helping other people.”

“It’s always nice to come back here, I have a huge story in here, it’s like my house,” Zico added.