‘Get to know the key figures from the Latin American industry’. That is the advice being given by Evert Montero, non-executive Chairman of Juegos Miami and President of Columbia’s Fecolijuegos trade body, to stakeholders seeking to learn more about the Latin American gaming market.

Speaking ahead of the forthcoming Juegos Miami at the end of May, he said: “Latin America is a continent full of surprises. There are many things which stand out about it, and many things people can learn from the different countries and peoples of the region. Speaking specifically about Juegos Miami, the international industry will be lucky enough to learn how Latin American markets are developing, what the individual characteristics of each country are, and how they can harness these for a more profitable business.”

He added: “It is important to recognise that even though the principles and structure of gambling is the same in most of the world, every country has their own cultural approach to them, their own idiosyncrasies and regulation, and that’s why people should attend Juegos Miami – to get to know the key figures from the Latin American industry.”

According to Montero, the main objective is for Juegos Miami to become a space for reflection and analysis of what’s going on in the Latin American gaming industry. “Although the event is already internationally important, my goal is for it to become even stronger, and for Colombia to play a key role in its development,” he explained.

Juegos Miami takes place from May 30 to June 1 at the Miami Biltmore Hotel.