Latamwin: creating value for the LatAm online casino industry

Latin America
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Since its inception more than 10 years ago, Latamwin has set out its plans to be at the forefront of the online gaming industry through technological innovation. That objective has guided its work.

Innovation has been a guiding principle at Latamwin since its inception more than a decade ago. It was then that its three founding partners set out to create their own platform, which would allow them to differentiate themselves and gain competitiveness in a sector that was slowly starting to grow across Latin America.

This vision implies that from its origins, Latamwin has always been in a search for continuous improvement, analyzing the markets and researching new technologies in the industry, in addition to undergoing different processes to optimize its platform. This, together with a constant incorporation of good global practices that imply a quality, responsible, safe and highly entertaining service for the user.

Wilfred Adelsdorfer, CEO of Latamwin, maintains that “the online gaming industry represents a great opportunity for development and growth for the markets where it operates. Behind an online gaming and sports betting platform, there is technology, qualified professionals and technicians, creativity and a lot of hard work.

“Just like any company that develops in the digital ecosystem, online betting platforms are in constant transformation and require a great capacity to adapt to face technological changes, user preferences and the various challenges of the markets”.

Karin Martínez, IT Manager at Latamwin, said: “Our priority is that the platform meets the best and most up-to-date technology available on the market. As this is one of our main objectives, we train the team with the latest and most advanced programming languages. In addition, we have a high-impact infrastructure that allows us to have minimal error margins and we always seek to have available suppliers that share our same philosophy, which is to innovate and always be a benchmark for quality and safety in the markets we participate in.”

Eyes on Latin America

During the last few years, important technological changes have been seen, such as improvements in internet connections and the appearance of new smartphones, which has increased the demand and traffic to online betting pages, which undoubtedly brought the entire industry the challenge of having solid and scalable platforms.

“The online gaming industry in Latin America has evolved in an exceptional way, becoming one of the fastest growing industries in regulated countries, attributing a great economic contribution from this market. One of the factors that directly influenced this exponential growth is the change in habits on the part of people, who began to access their favorite services from technological devices,” added Martínez.

The CEO of Latamwin explained that this 2022 has definitely been a good year. “A clear example of our effort to be an innovative company is that we were chosen by our own colleagues as the best online platform at Sagse Buenos Aires. In addition, we were present on the shortlist for the SBC Awards 2022 as the best platform provider. This reaffirms that our values are in line with the industry and the moment it is experiencing.”

As we edge closer to 2023, Latamwin expects to continue innovating and contributing to the online gaming industry, which is estimated to continue growing by leaps and bounds, especially in Latin America where several markets are already on the way to regulation.