Yossi Abadi: Powering international expansion through TENLOT 360°

As TENLOT Group has continued to solidify its position across the international gaming space, Yossi Abadi and Dionysios Antonopoulos – the company’s CEO and VP Lottery Operations respectively – explained that its proprietary TENLOT 360° platform has also established itself “as one of the leaders in the industry”. 

In the last few years, TENLOT Group has expanded its footprint as a leading gaming and lottery operator across Latin America and Africa. To do this, the company has leveraged its TENLOT 360° platform to oversee various operations and B2B partnerships in a number of local markets. 

By leveraging TENLOT 360°, Abadi explained, TENLOT clients have considered the platform to be “among the technically-superior platforms available for use by gaming operators in global markets”.

He told SBC: “TENLOT invested extensively to enhance and perfect the TENLOT 360° platform’s performance in diverse markets, each with its own needs, regulations and cultures. As operators, we adapt technologically to each new market. Our B2B partners can simply tap into our rich expertise and technological developments, significantly reducing project implementation timelines and additional development costs.

“As our platform is proprietary, TENLOT always maintains full control over development and technical support, with the help of our local support teams across the globe. This offers a tremendous benefit to our partners and affiliates, who are seeking a technological competitive advantage in their markets.”

Antonopoulos, meanwhile, highlighted that there are core considerations that should be made when shopping around for a new gaming platform. 

Among these is the importance of looking for a system that will easily and affordably grow with your business, without relying excessively on costly and time-consuming new developments and customisations. 

Pointing towards TENLOT 360°, the VP Lottery Operations shared that this platform’s power lies in its “very wide and natively developed functionalities; from game configurations incorporating the most simple to highly-complex matrices, to third-party game integrations, integrated web/app content management, advanced customer and retail management, integration with any brick-and-mortar as well as its online or mobile sales channel and payment methods”.

He added: “We built the TENLOT 360° platform with our own operational efficiency in mind, and as such, we have developed, for example, the most advanced CRM tools available in the gaming industry, incorporating promotions, bonuses, raffles, VIP functionalities and much more. 

“These tools are considered non-standard in the lottery industry. We created the most sophisticated but scalable platform available to manage the businesses of our national gaming and lottery partners. 

“Our ability to incorporate the most innovative gaming technology in the TENLOT 360° platform will ensure its competitiveness and industry leadership for the foreseeable future.

“Interestingly, developing countries embraced mobile gaming and e-wallets faster than the West, giving TENLOT a head-start in building this into our system. TENLOT 360° refers to the comprehensive gaming platform we offer, as well as to our ability to meet the needs of countries around the globe.”

Having received an ISO 27001 certification, Antonopoulos disclosed that the TENLOT 360° platform “strives to cover all bases” when it comes to gaming, management and operational tools, configuration and security.

He noted that the platform’s flexibility and integration process will enable partners to enhance legacy operations with a new platform or start from scratch. 

He said: “TENLOT 360° is a progressive platform, supporting both online and retail lottery and gaming management for operators of all sizes. While TENLOT Group has perfected the system for large-scale national operations, the platform is scalable, enabling new operators, both small and large, to scale their businesses over time.

“The platform incorporates all of the advanced technology needed to ensure the best player experience, including the most sophisticated and popular games, the simplest user interfaces and payment options and highly-personalised promotions.”

Something that was highlighted by both executives was the prioritisation of responsible gambling and compliance functionalities on the platform. 

Featuring “full IT security, advanced cyber protection software and certification to protect the company’s data”, TENLOT stated that automatic security checks and updates are also implemented with great frequency, alerting operators of any suspicious activity or breaches.

“Of course, we have built-in responsible-gaming capabilities. But we really stand out with our compliance and transparency tools, such as withholding of taxes, anti-fraud and anti-money laundering and social responsibility compliance tools,” explained Abadi.

“For this purpose, we have also developed an advanced monitoring platform used by regulators, which enables them to monitor operators and license holders in real-time.”

He added that TENLOT’s commitment to Social Responsibility is also integrated into the TENLOT 360° platform by enabling the automatic calculation of a given portion of the profits to be invested in social projects, such as education, sports, healthcare, disaster relief, etc.

Yossi Abadi, TENLOT CEO, will be delivering a keynote speech on Social Responsibility in the Gaming Sector at the SBC Summit Latin America on October 27th 2021.