FansUnite Entertainment welcomes Senate’s move to legalize single-event sports wagering

Image source: Shutterstock

Global sports and entertainment firm FansUnite Entertainment Inc was among the latest stakeholders this week to welcome the passage of Canada’s Bill C-218 this week, also known as The Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act.

The approval of the bill by both the House of Commons and the Senate will make it eligible to receive Royal Assent and become law, which would enable lawful betting on individual sports events in Canada.

CEO Scott Burton stated: “Today marks a historic milestone in the global gambling industry as Canada has taken a pivotal step forward in legalizing single-event sports betting. 

“The legalization of this bill will provide the Canadian economy access to additional employment opportunities, tax revenue, and a safe and regulated platform for betting options.”

He continued. “As a multinational igaming company, we have successfully launched brands and licensed our B2B technology in several jurisdictions, including Latin American and Europe. This bill’s passing positions FansUnite to play a foundational role in the development of Canadian single sports betting and help shape the Canadian sports betting marketplace. 

“We are ready, eager, and well positioned to continue our successful global expansion strategy right here on our own home soil.”

In its statement, the firm also expressed its gratitude to Paul Burns and the Canadian Gaming Association for all of their efforts to help Bill C-218 pass.