Executive Reality vs. User Expectations – Understanding the disconnect between operators and their bettors

Episode 3 of the SBC Americas and HPL Digital Sport webinar series will provide an in-depth examination of the findings of two pieces of original research into the thoughts of sports betting executives and bettors.

The webinar, which will take place at 2:40pm ET on Wednesday June 9 as part of SBC Digital North America, will dig into the results of a survey of executives conducted by SBC Americas and HPL Digital Sport, and a consumer survey undertaken by YouGov on behalf of HPL Digital Sport.

It will get into the differences between the opinions of users and executives over what is important in attracting and retaining players, and challenge perceptions on who the players of today are, and what makes them tick. 

Off the back of HotPaper Lantern’s Executive Reality vs. User Expectations report, the panel will discuss why the data shows that bettors care more about brand and loyalty than the product, and how this contrasts with the preconceived opinions of industry executives. 

The panel will also go on to deep dive into how some of these disconnects play out for one of the most underserved segments of ‘users’: women bettors. The survey revealed some hugely interesting statistics on the subject of women bettors, and how their behaviour is more similar to male players than is often assumed. 

To discuss these findings, SBC Americas and HPL Digital Sport’s panel contains expertise from across the board in US gambling. 

Ed Moed – CEO, Hot Paper Lantern 
Dr Laila Mintas – CEO, PlayUp
Jan Jones-Blackhurst – Board Member, Caesars Entertainment
Zachary Sold – Head of Digital Marketing, BetMGM
Eben Novy-Williams (Moderator) – Sports Business Reporter at Sportico

This Executive Reality vs. User Expectations webinar is part of SBC Americas and HPL Digital Sport’s Reach and Retain webinar series, and takes place during the SBC Digital North America conference and expo. 

This particular session will take place at 2:40pm on Wednesday June 9. 

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