Following the reopening of casinos in Nevada amid the ongoing pandemic, the state’s Gaming Control Board has opened 156 regulatory cases statewide relating to non-compliance with its Health and Safety Policies and conducted over 10,135 inspections and observations. 

Of the 156 regulatory cases, the Board has filed three formal complaints against licensees with the Nevada Gaming Commission

The Hotel Nevada & Gambling Hall was found on inspection failing to implement face mask policy. Bowl Incline was found to be operating bar top slot machines with stools in front of each machine as opposed to having them at every other machine. The COD Casino was also found to be in breach of face mask policy.

James Taylor, Chief of Enforcement, commented: “The Board has continued to work around the clock with its partners at other state agencies and local jurisdictions to achieve its statewide mission of protecting the health and welfare of the general public at licensed gaming establishments by enforcing its Health and Safety Policies, as well as the Emergency Directives issued by the Office of the Governor.”

Chairwoman Sandra Douglass Morgan, stated: “The Gaming Control Board has never shied away from its duty to strictly regulate licensed gaming, and the same is true for the enforcement of Governor Sisolak’s Emergency Directives and the Board’s Health and Safety Policies. 

“The Board will present cases to the Nevada Gaming Commission against licensees to ensure that public health and safety remains a priority for the gaming industry.”