Casinos eligible for Panama relief package

Casino owners in Panama will be eligible to delay the payment of services amid the COVID-19 shutdown following the approval of Law 295 from the National Assembly of Panama. 

The legal act delays the payment of services, including internet connection, phone bills and electricity bills until at least July, and will be made available to self-employed workers, casino, bar and restaurant owners, as well as micro and small businesses. 

The project was approved by all sectors of the Panamanian Parliament seeking a solution for those who have been strongly affected by the operation shut down due to the COVID-19 global outbreak.

“In our goal to be helpful with Panamanians, the Law 295 includes the suspension of payment of public services, without implying any reduction on the quality or limitation, for all citizens,” stated the National Assembly on social media.

In addition to being accessible to those working in professional capacities, the package will also be eligible to families that earn less than $2,000 per month, those whose income has been reduced, individuals who have lost their jobs, retired workers and pensioners.

Those who opt to access the relief package will also have the option to finance the payments in the next three years, with late payment interest also set to be waived as well as the accessing of the package not appearing on credit history. 

Moreover, the regulations also grant a solidarity bonus to workers of businesses that have been forced to close and its contracts have been temporarily suspended for 90 days.

Last month, the National Charity Lottery (LNB) changed the schedule of its lottery draws as part of a series of measures promoted by the Ministry of Health. It also created an institutional oversight committee to supervise the implementation and compliance of these measures.