California-based Sumo Logic has been confirmed as the new continuous intelligence supplier for Sporting Group, which will see the data supplier integrate continuous intelligence into its application performance.

Through the new partnership, Sporting Group will gain insight into its IT stack performance, which can be used to identify potential problems which may affect customer experience. 

“Companies should not be penalised for peaks in demand for services – they should not have to pay for peak data when those events only happen once a month or at the weekend when the EPL football is on. Sumo Logic helps companies adopt a smarter economic model for services, so they can concentrate on their customers and their applications rather than their budgets for IT being able to cope,” commented Mark Pidgeon, Vice President Technical Services EMEA at Sumo Logic.

Peter Wallis, Chief Technology Officer at Sporting Group, added: “When it comes to kick off at three o’clock on a Saturday afternoon during the English Football season, you have to be able to cope with a huge amount of new traffic coming in and all the data that this creates for analysis – we might have up to 325 markets pricing in play for each of the 200+ concurrent football fixtures, with each one needing new prices generated based on events taking place on the pitch. 

“This generates a huge amount of data – somewhere in the region of 2bn prices alone per year – that has to be processed and acted on in real-time. We could not afford any slow down or downtime during these times – even a few seconds of delay would lead to poor customer experience.

“We are committed to a cloud strategy, and we needed a way to support observability across our mixed cloud and on premise environment as part of this approach. Sumo Logic supported that approach incredibly quickly – we were implemented into production and running nearly sixty dashboards in less than a week. 

“This speed of delivery and the support we have received from Sumo Logic showed we had made the right decision. We can now handle more than a billion log messages per day at peak usage, and our team can act on that data in smarter ways in real time using Sumo Logic.”

Using Sumo Logic, Sporting Group can get continuous intelligence into its complete application infrastructure to evaluate performance and ensure that there are no interruptions to service during critical times for betting.

“Using Sumo Logic, we can consume that data and see what challenges exist or where we may need to take action. This ability to scale up and manage data as it is created, alongside approaches like dynamic threshold alerting, means that we can get an accurate view into our applications and how we are performing, and we can do the same for the third-party applications that we consume data from. We can be ahead of any potential problems in our stack – or in that of our partners – before they impact customer experience,” concluded Wallis.