US sports betting start-up BetIndiana and sports data content provider Sportradar have formalized a new partnership this week. Under the terms of the deal BetIndiana’s mobile sportsbook, in conjunction with the Amelco platform, will utilize Sportradar’s real-time sports data and Managed Trading Services (MTS). 

The announcement follows in the wake of the recent announcement that BetIndiana will be launching a mobile sportsbook with Spectacle Entertainment.

BetIndiana is the first startup in the US market to launch as an operator and one of the first Sportradar clients in the US to use its MTS service, a holistic solution that enables bookmakers to future-proof their business. 

In a statement, Sportradar commented that while established operators will find the right tools to significantly improve their own trading and risk management, startups like BetIndiana can build their entire business flexibly under the umbrella of MTS, benefiting from “…market-leading sports data and betting entertainment services and enjoying full administration of their trading by Sportradar’s experts”.

Neale Deeley, the firm’s Vice President of US Sales and Gaming, commented: “We are pleased to be working with BetIndiana, a true pioneer in the US betting market. Given its focus on mobile and online sports betting, we are well-positioned to provide BetIndiana with the data, tools, and services it needs to succeed for many years to come.”

Frank Ignatius, President & Founder of USA Sports Gaming, said: “Partnering with Sportradar, another business that’s aggressively diving into the US market, was the right fit for us. As a startup in a competitive landscape, it’s crucial that we hit the ground running with a hyper focus on growth. Sportradar gives us the opportunity to do that, and we look forward to continuing our journey with them by our side.”