The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has extended its period of compliance pertaining to online gambling based upon the Wire Act by an additional 60 days.

The reinterpretation of the Wire Act announced last year gave betting operators 90 days to comply to the new ruling, from the time in which the notice of the change was released. The deadline of the changes was announced as April 15.

But with the delay to the reinterpretation, the deadline has since been extended to June 14. The news, announced in Online Poker Report, states that “The DOJ is expected to announce the extension next week.”

The vaguely worded DOJ opinion has raised eyebrows over the legality of intrastate betting and lottery operations which would temporarily reroute information while conducting transactions.

The news of the delay follows the legal challenge posed to the DOJ by New Hampshire’s District Court. Filed on behalf of trade body iDEA by Ifrah Law, it argued against the DoJ’s revised opinion which finds that the Wire Act now covers all forms of online gambling, not solely sports betting.

The challenge was the third made since the DOJ made it public that it would be reinterpreting the act. By delaying the enforcement of the new DOJ opinion, the case brought forward by Ifrah can be moved along in federal court.