The Authority of Taxation and Social Control over Gaming (AJ) in Bolivia has presented a new app called ‘AJ Móvil’, which will enable local players to ensure the legality of gaming platforms, venues and games before taking part. It was unveiled last week at a press conference and is designed for Android phones, Games Magazine Brasil reports.

Head of the AJ Jéssica Saravia Atristain told press that the app is now part of the services the AJ provides to ensure player protection measures.

“This tool will allow the public to corroborate instantly if the promotion, gaming house or lottery game where they wish to participate counts on the conditions and requirements of legality and transparency, and the Bolivian population can also verify the conditions of the raffles, the prizes on offer and where the prizes are awarded. In the case of lottery draws you will be able to know the times and places of the games.”

The app, which was designed and developed by the AJ technical team, also provides information on the location of the only authorised gaming room in Bolivia and also presents a section where players can download current gaming regulations.

The launch of the new app is an important development for the industry which is still underdeveloped and where illegal gaming is a major issue. Bolivia has been slow to act when it comes to the regulation of both online and land based gaming.

Since 2011 – when it went first into operation – the AJ has been extremely active and has carried out more than 1100 raids on illegal gambling houses and confiscated 12,000 machines, which were then destroyed. However, beyond raids and criminal prosecutions the government has been unable to regulate the industry more closely.

Due to the high tax rate plus additional taxes on players put in place in 2010, every legal gaming establishment bar one has been shut down while players are turning in increasing numbers to offshore operators and illegal betting centres.