This September the PGA TOUR are to make their way to the London Olympia for Betting on Sports 2018, discussing many key topics in the changing face of the USA’s sports betting scene.

May’s landmark decision by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) to over-turn PASPA, therefore permitting the roll-out of sports betting across the country, is to be the focus of much attention at the conference, held from 18-21 September.

The TOUR is to make a 30 minute presentation, titled “Betting on Golf: How the PGA TOUR is Driving into the Future,” which is to be delivered by Len Brown and David Miller, its chief legal officer and vice president & assistant general counsel respectively.

Amongst the topics to be covered are an integrity program developed and implemented alongside Genius Sports, its ShotLink data collection system and efforts in the creation of a regulatory system for sports betting in the US.

Regarding the latter point, the two presenting parties discussed what role sports leagues and associations have to play in sports wagering’s adaption into everyday life in the USA, with particular regards to regulatory systems: “The leagues have a vital role to play as legal sports betting spreads in the US.   

“Because sports betting creates significant risks and opportunities for the leagues, we believe the leagues should actively engage in the legislative and regulatory process, as the PGA TOUR is currently doing with the NBA and MLB. 

“We are working on a daily basis with legislators, regulators, operators, tribes and others to develop a regulatory system in the U.S. that promotes integrity in sports and protects consumers, while generating revenue for government, legal operators and leagues.”

With such groundbreaking, and far-reaching, developments set to continue for some time across numerous US states, the world’s largest golf organisation went on to highlight why Betting on Sports 2018 appealed as a platform for which to spread its message, develop key relationship, and further its education: “We hope to develop new relationships in the gaming industry, inform others on the role the PGA TOUR is playing in the industry and further our own education as legal sports betting spreads in the US.

“The PGA TOUR’s business is growing increasingly international, and Betting on Sports 2018 provides us with a unique opportunity to deliver our message to a large and sophisticated global audience.   

“We hope to educate the audience on the role that the PGA TOUR is playing in the world of integrity and gaming and on the potential for commercial opportunities with the PGA TOUR.”


The PGA TOUR is to be present at Betting on Sports 2018, with a 30 minute presentation slot detailed as:

Betting on Golf: How the PGA TOUR is Driving into the Future – The PGA TOUR, the leading golf organisation in the world, will present an overview of betting on golf. The presentation will cover, among other topics, the PGA TOUR’s Integrity Program, its ShotLink data collection system and opportunities for data distribution for sports betting, and its efforts to develop a best-in-class regulatory system for sports betting in the United States.

To see a full agenda please click HERE.