Reaching a milestone of one hundred million unique users is no mean feat, and KamaGames is revelling after a first quarter of the year that has seen the company add a further five million users.

Cementing its Pokerist title as “one of the most popular social games in the world,” KamaGames details that reaching the landmark was achieved via a number of key strategic measures.

From targeting a wider and more casual audience, through Pokerist Party Mode features and new slots introductions, and a player centric focus bringing forward a plethora fresh content, to innovation, retention and engagement measures and a number of successful collaborations.

“The social casino market is in a very saturated state at the moment”

The latter of which can be particularly important when striving to achieve global growth, with the firms CEO Andrey Kuznetsov praising one such example within the United States, a market which he describes as key: “The social casino market is in a very saturated state at the moment which means it is getting incredibly expensive to acquire new users directly. This has meant that we have had to figure out other ways of attracting players beyond our traditional user acquisition channels.

“One such channel is finding a development partner with its own audience. Last year we launched a joint-product partnership with Poker Night in America – one of the top poker TV shows in the US with a large audience of dedicated Pokers fans.

“This partnership was such a success that In March 2018, we released a major update unveiling new features especially for the new format of the show – Poker Night Live!

“As with the initial launch, the Poker Night in America Poker app will be promoted dozens of times on CBS Sports during the shows 13 week run.

“In addition, we recently partnered with Yoozoo, one of the market leading mobile games companies in Asia to launch Poker Champion – a social poker app specifically created for the Indian market.”

“We believe that one of the main key factors for success is to be available to as many players as possible”

Partnerships can also be a crucial way in which to engage new users, with Kuznetsov addressing such examples, as well as discussing plans to double numbers within the US: “We believe that one of the main key factors for success is to be available to as many players as possible, across as many platforms as possible. A prime example of this is KamaGames being the first operator to launch a social poker app on Facebook’s Instant Games platform.

“As a whole, Facebook is the largest social platform on the planet with an unprecedented reach. There are currently over 1.2 billion Facebook Messenger users and counting, which makes product development on the Instant Games platform a remarkable opportunity for developers and publishers alike.

“In April 2018 we also updated our full product line up on the Samsung Galaxy Apps platform which included Pokerist, Roulettist and Blackjackist. Over the past few years we have seen this platform grow, with Samsung now planning to double the number of monthly active users (MAUs) of its US Galaxy Apps Store, from its current number of 24 million to around 50 million. Considering that the US is one of our key markets, we simply cannot ignore such an opportunity.”

Going into further detail about whether this is a trend that will continue for KamaGames throughout 2018, Kuznetsov added: “It is very difficult to forecast such deals. We would be happy to have these types of deals every year, and we are being approached more and more by potential partners however, there is a limited number of available deals where both sides could benefit from the partnership. Nonetheless, we are always looking for new opportunities.”